Hryhorii Savych is an educational YouTube channel about the society, culture, economy and politics. It is named after Hryhorii Skovoroda, a prominent Ukrainian 17th century philosopher. It is aimed at teenagers and its purpose is to explain complex questions in a simple manner. This is why the design of all the visual components should speak to the teenage audience and show the content is fun while still reimagining Ukrainian historical visual ancestry.

Primary version of the logo:

Different colour versions of the logo:

And of course, Skovoroda himself also appears in the designs, for example, at the channel avatar. I aimed to keep him recognizable (luckily, he had a rather unique hairstyle) but modern — this is how the 3D glasses appeared.

YouTube channel main introductory video:

Logo design: Irina Kostyshina
Project manager: Mariia Kozyr

Designed for Youth Media Lab